Voici une sélection de commentaires reçus de certains clients y compris de Coachs ICF avec qui j’ai pu travailler dans le passé.  D’autres recommendations se trouvent également sur ma page LinkedIn: https://ch.linkedin.com/in/stephancollins

Working with Stephan as business executive coach has been a great and very valuable experience to me at a time when I was facing several professional challenges such as taking the lead of a growing team of IP experts. His strong support and level of understanding of the business environment and complex situations allowed me to transition with serenity and confidence in my new role. Pauline B. Head of IP/Legal Department at Firmenich in Switzerland.

Stephan is very open, honest, straightforward, extremely professional yet very personable and empathic. Stephan listened to me very deeply and I always had the certainty that he was hearing, supporting and wanting to help me move forward. Stephan has been of great inspiration on how to be both professional by being fully what you are. Camilla C. in Italy.

Stephan Collins is an excellent coach. He is highly professional, personally engaging and has a great sense of humor. Stephan’s business acumen and life experience, coupled with his uncanny knack for asking just the right question at precisely the right time, makes for a very rich and productive coaching experience. If you are looking for a coach to explore and navigate complex situations, I highly recommend Stephan. Melody M. in the USA.

Stephan’s coaching style is direct, and he is able to provide his own understanding and insights for the client to hear and evaluate. He has a logical approach, is organized, along with providing creative ideas that were stimulating and inspiring. Stephan asked probing questions to consider what was most important for me. His questions helped me to ponder how I wanted to proceed with my goals, and to figure out my next step on my path. I gained a lot of clarity and also motivation to move forward. I learned what I want to do next – how to combine the four things I’ve been doing into one satisfying goal (for me and hopefully for my clients too). I feel like I have a defined sense of direction, know what I want to do next, and the steps I need to complete. And, I feel deeply satisfied and excited about this new direction, and the unfolding details. Peggy L. also in the USA.