16b (1)How to end disruptions & dysfunctions in your organisation, how to resolve conflict, how to increase performance in a durable way and impact the culture towards greater agility and autonomy, these are among the key questions that every Enterpreneur or Company Director is seeking an answer for.

Dare to open up and to work together with an external professional who, like me, is a qualified practitioner in Coaching & Mediation. I guarantee full confidentiality for all our exchanges and, using my neutrality and impartiality, I will structure a process of change at the end of which we elaborate a realistic action plan to help you reach your personal, relation sensitive & organisational goals.

Next to my interventions in the field, I also provide workshops to make Management more familiar with the manifold benefits that come with Coaching and Conflict Mediation, not in the least the reinforcement of the Manager’s status of authority.

Feel free to contact me for a first exploratory and explanatory meeting which is offered to you without any further obligation.

With thanks for your trust.

Stephan Collins, Change Management Facilitator.

Certified Business Coach, Professional Mediator, Mentor & Trainer.


“Comme si avoir été banquier devait vous enfermer à vie”, Emmanuel Macron.