Stephan Collins is a recognized practitioner of Mediation, Business Coaching and Mentoring at the service of Corporations – small and large ones, operating in all sectors of industry – and of Individuals that belong to the corporate world. He is a Certified Professional Coach by IDC Switzerland (25.06.2010) and a Professional Mediator certified by EPMN France (15.10.2011). In 2017, he was trained by J-A Malarewicz in Systemic Coaching and Mediation. He is also referenced by Acuity Coaching Ltd in London, UK (

During the first 20 years of his career, Stephan worked as an Investment Banker with prime institutions such as J.P. Morgan, S.G.Warburg, UBS and Paribas. Together with his colleagues, Stephan successfully developed commercial links with institutional investors across Europe and South Africa. In 2003, he became an independent Entrepreneur with the creation of a Geneva based company marketing specialist and independent portfolio managers.

In 2008, he used the global crisis as the starting point for a new career at the service of Man & Enterprise. In his belief, overall performance can be much improved in a durable way by putting the Human Element in all its diversity and complexity at the heart of Management’s priorities.

Trained by the best in the art of accompanying the Human Element, Stephan is fluent in French, German, Dutch/Flemish and to a lesser extent in Italian and Spanish and this allows him to extend his services to his clients’ international network. His academic record includes a Master Degree in Law, in International Relations and in Pedagogy as well as an MBA in Financial Management of Enterprises.