In addition to Coaching and Mediation Services, I also offer a range of services that are specifically designed to help out with S.M.E.  such as:

  • mentoring – business planning & management;
  • supervision and animation of an international sales force;
  • the promotion of a commercial proposition in a given foreign market;
  • pre-contractual and contractual negotiation for and on behalf of one or a grouping of client interests;
  • the role of independent board member.

Each of these services is based upon a combination of my managerial and linguistic skills as well as on the international field experience that I have gathered over the last three decennia both as an entrepreneur and as part of big established international businesses. My traditional posture of neutral and impartial actor helps to ensure efficiency even though it must be admitted that some undertakings will unavoidably result in a partial reduction of their full force.