The sole purpose of Conventional Mediation is the ending of conflict as it exists between a member of Staff and another member of Staff or an external person such as a Supplier or a Client of the Company.  

Conventional Mediation is strictly confidential and is also:

  • Fast, one or two working days can be enough to get to the bottom of it ;
  • Effective, in most cases the conflict is ended once and for all ;
  • Economical, it is far less costly than any other form of management of conflict.

The process leads to a new Relationship Agreement. Experts such as external lawyers or HR Staff may attend in the sole interest of the parties involved in the conflict. With their approval, the Agreement may be divulgated to specific authorities.

It may be helpful to remind that conflict is a situation of impaired or halted communication. Conflict can be a health hazard and is, in any event, costly. It diminishes the overall performance of the individual and that of the Company. Conflict originates in emotions and emotions are personal. Managing conflict by any third party can therefore at best result in a fake and temporary improvement.

Leonard Cohen, in his song “Anthem” puts it so eloquently:  Ring the bells that still can ring. Forget your perfect offering. There is a crack in everything. That is how the Light gets in.

In my vision, the Mediation process takes the form and place of the Light. The role of the Mediator consists of finding that opening and by doing so he is thus at the service of peace and performance optimization.