My Coaching is directed at any person who belongs to the world of enterprise, a concept that should be interpreted as widely as possible.  The status of that person can be defined as one of many:

  • the founder or the CEO;
  • the person who gives direction to a group of people;
  • the person who is facing new responsibilities or a career change;
  • the Team, be it the Steering Committee or a Sales Team;
  • particular attention is given to Young Professionals, aged below 31, to whom a Coaching & Mentoring Program is being proposed, highly flexible and 100% on-line  at very attractive terms.

Coaching impacts Man and his Environment in favorable and lasting ways.  Each Coach has got his own pedigree that is made up of his personality, his past professional exposure, his training and current practice. Hence the fundamental importance of a first meeting – free of any further obligation, either side! – which should allow for a connexion between the Coach and the future client, the nature of which will largely determine the quality of the final result.

Coaching requires the instauration of a relationship that is essentially based on mutual trust. This way, the Client can freely identify the objectives that need to be reached. The posture of the Coach is that of a facilitator who conducts a process of positive change. The Coaching relationship takes place within a contractual framework that can involve two, three and at times even four different parties.

The Coach that I am could not possibly guarantee in advance a future result. However, best use will be made of all my resources in the sole interest of the Client to act within compliance of the Ethical and Deontological Standards of the Profession and to update my skills by means of supervision, training and of course ongoing practice.

In my experience, Coaching is a real investment that leads to benefits both of a qualitative nature (human relations and emotional states) and of a quantitative nature as expressed by improved financial ratios and by a better overall performance.