The Coaching Relationship is available to any person who wishes to improve her or his ways of being and functioning at the personal and/or professional levels. That person freely subscribes to the very concept of a collaborative relationship.

In Enterprise, the working methodology can be different in response to the complexity of issues at stake. The approach then combines the roles of Business Consultant with those of Executive Coach and Conflict Mediator in a way that is very advantageous for the Client.

The following steps may have to be taken:

·         Observing behaviors and practices

·         Audit report

·         Collective work: identifying priorities

·         Collective work: co-building solutions and making final choices

·         Implementation workshop: how can these solutions be turned into reality?

·         Medium Term Feedback session: measuring the quantitative & qualitative impact of Coaching.

Conditions for each Mandate are discussed and agreed upon contractually on a case-by-case basis.